Thursday, November 24, 2011


hye readers! i feel very exhausted today..!

:( tomorrow i ave to wake up early around 6 o'clock..

hate meeting floor damn much..

but i love training! no need to open counter! yippi~

can flirt2~euwwww. mengada! im not tht type..sorry..full stop!

umm. now waiting 4 my washing machine. hihi i dont ave any uniform to wear tomorrow.

tht y i ave to wash diz tired..add up tired..pemalas kan..semua last minute..huh!

xpew2 opely training will make me laugh for the whole day! n i cant get sleepy. wish tht!

k lah all i ave work to do.. see yaa.. nytez.. :)

Saturday, November 19, 2011

1 pjalanan

hye readers..have been of ages rite i never create a new post.. sorry coz i get im working at hypermarket! its to tired working there..n i cant wait to resign..1 month i have to wait for that.. it seems like 1 year maybe :( too sad....

1 perjalanan ? ? what the meaning of that ? ? question mark there. act..i also dunno how to described that. but truely its all about working there ! many problem to face.. n im sick of tired..suffer can i solve all this.. ? ? ? umm ope god will help me.. im never feel like this before..too down..

maybe all this to be my destiny 4 wake up n give chance to my myself..i want to be a good person! n i ope i cant repeat my mistake twice..

*its ok my dear diera ! i know u strong ! i know u can face it ! :) juz pray ! insyaALLAH happiness will come soon..